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The History of The Uncle Dennis Show

I came of age as a player at the Oasis Ballroom, Rock Factory, C St. North, El Dorado Saloon, and all the other clubs in Sacramento, Reno, and the bay area in the late '70s, early '80s Later I had the opportunity to travel abroad with different bands. As I was usually the oldest and "wisest" member of the bands I played in, I got the moniker of "Uncle Dennis" at the age of about 24. This then led to an actual "Uncle Dennis Show" on stage, where if we had a few minutes before a scheduled break and didn't want to start another song, I would tell stories, real or fictitious, while the band vamped.

In the 1980s my brother, Kevin S. Tenney, wrote and directed the film “Witchboard”, and I was afforded the opportunity to score the film (Mom told him he had to hire me). That led to other film scores and eventually to my owning my own post-production audio studio in Hollywood, “Ideal Post Sound” in 1991. It was a moderate success until 2005, when technology got to the point where you could shoot, edit, color correct, mix and print-master your film on a laptop in your kitchen.

Having retired out of the Hollywood scene, I do still enjoy writing & recording music for videos I create for my YouTube Channel The Uncle Dennis Show

Married my beautiful wife, Katherine Elaine Olson (Kaycee) in 1997. Still together. Still in love. I attribute this to the fact she is a Saint, and that we have separate offices in our home. Hers has a lock on the door.

We live in California's Bay Area, where the weather is mild, the winds are fierce, and the politics are just left of Mao. My representatives are (D) Jim Frazier in the Assembly, and (D) Bill Dodd in the Senate. My Governor is (D) Gavin Newsom...   

             Being an Independent Contractor has been criminalized. Pray for me. That is all...

Here's a song I wrote in response to the Assembly Bill No.5 debacle …. UBER Dude

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