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"Leprechaun 3: Leprechaun in Vegas" 

Original Motion Picture Sound Track"

The entire score for "Leprechaun 3: Leprechaun in Vegas" is available for $20.00 US. 47 tracks of scary goodness, almost 3/4 of a Gig of music, including all of the source cues. 

The original Source is a decades-old DAT, so you'll get a few pops and clicks. But ultimately, very listenable. Enjoy!

"Night of the Demons"

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Unfortunately, a lot of the music is archived somewhere, and nobody knows where. There are Ten Tracks of this available on iTunes as well, but this collection has the songs "Compter Date", and "Victims of the Press" as well as "The Beast Inside" along with nine cues, the head title being the most popular. 

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Original Motion Picture Sound Track

Dennis Michael Tenney

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